Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bugs and beasties...

One reason I love the butterfly trees in the garden is that they attract...butterflires ! The last couple of years, we haven't seen that many,the peacock butterflies only seemed to appear a couple of days :( However this year has been better :) Last week and over the weekend we had lots of Peacock butterflies and Red Admirals flying around.They were pretty impossible to take photos of as the wind was blowing the tree branches around and most of my pics were blurry:(.I finally managed to get some okay ones when they settled on the less pretty things in the garden...like a piece of old wood, the blue sand pit and the sunbed!

We then had a visit from as whopper of a dragonfly.The photo isn't brilliant but you can get an idea of how big it was!

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domestic goddess said...

the butterflies are beautiful, i love butterfly, and have fond memories running around my aunties garden with a butterfly net!
OMGG that dragon fly is HUGE!!!!