Monday, August 31, 2009

A little plea...

No layout to share today as it's my holiday week from Pencil Lines :) Business as usual next week!
Today we had a lunchtime bbq with my mum & dad.It did look as though it was going to be a typical English Bank Holiday this morning as it was very grey and drizzly,but it actually turned really hot and sunny eventually :)
The guinea pigs returned to their home this morning :(, feels strange without them out in the garden any more :( And I still keep looking out for dandelion leaves !
You may have seen on Anna's blog that I'll be doing the Womens's 5k race with her this coming on Sunday :) Now, I can asure you that I'm not running it!! With Anna's back pain, she has decided to walk it rather than run this year,which means that really I have no excuse for not doing it with her! So if you would like to sponsor me,please let me know (I haven't had my details through yet as I've only just registered) or please donate on Anna's page here .It really is a worthwhile cause :)

Tomorrow we are hopefully off to the zoo for a day out.Holly was supposed to have a sleepover at a friends house this evening but had to come at about 9.30 as she was sick, bless her :( She was so upset as she really wanted to stay and is now tucked up in bed ,fast asleep.Fingers crossed she just over did it and will be fine to go out tomorrow :)


domestic goddess said...

send holly a huge hug from us all, hope she is feeling better
roll on sunday!!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

I hear you are doing the run with anna....well done you!!!!!