Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shopping instead of cropping

Cropping would definitely have been the cheaper option!

I admit to having a bit of a love hate relationship with Primark...I love some of their clothes but I hate the fact that they hardly ever have anything in above a size 12! Em still came home with a few bargain t-shirts though!I also got Holly some gorgeous ginham tops from Debenhams,she looks like a cute little hilbilly in them!We also went into the Build A Bear shop ,where Holly got herself a Hello Kitty one with some money my Dad gave her.She wants to make new clothes for it during the summer holidays when she's at my mum & dad's :)We also took Em's bear with us to see if they could fix it's broken voice (she recorded her voice for it about six years ago!) ,but sadly tney couldn't :( They did re-stuff for it for her though! And thank heavens for re-sealable food bags...they are a God send when you have a Travel sick child!Say no more!!

This is my Pencil Lines layout for this week,usinga photo that Holly took last week :)
I used
Crate Paper
Scenic Route Sonoma papers (I LOVE them!)
Prima swirls
Basic Grey chipboard letters
Jenni Bowlin ticket
Martha Stewart punch
It's been way too hot the last couple of days and is set to hit the 80's here over the next few days! Last night we had thunder and lightening going on for ages..

Tomorrow I am off to see Anna ,a bit of a rare occurence these days!


carina said...

I love your layout!great colours and a super cute photo!=)

Sandie said...

Love your layout, beautiful x

domestic goddess said...

awww i wanna hello Kitty build a bear!
Do you think Holly will let me hug her's??
Thank you so much for seeing me today and sorry for being a grumpy old mare :(