Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ta da!!

Whoo,just look at my fancy new blog!! I cannot take any of the credit for it though,Anna has very kindly toiled away for me uploading all the new stuff, designing me three blog headers and let me change my mind several times! So if you're wondering why her own blog hasn't yet been sorted out yet,it's because she's been doing mine instead :) Thank you so much,will re-pay you in Galaxy! The actual blog design is from here.I still need to add and move around some of my blog links,so bear with me!

This morning I went out shopping with my mum & dad :) I came home with a pink sleeping bag for Holly for her brownie sleepover this weekend.some lovely cream and pink stocks (because they were the cheapest flowers on the stall!) and at last some sweet peas to plant in the front garden :)
This afternoon Em went to her first cricket practice:) Although only three girls turned up and she claims to be rubbish at it,I think she enjoyed herself!
This is another layout from May's crop,I still have one more to finish off! The owls from these My Little Shoebox papers were perfect for Holly's Brownie Promise day photos:)


domestic goddess said...

I LOVE the new blog!!!!
and I LOVE your layout, have fun tinkering!!
Huge Hugs xxx

Sara said...

Perfect lo - the colours are just ....perfect!! Love the new blog, Anna has been working hard.

Sandie said...

WOW yours is fabulous too!!! Love it :-) x

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

oh my word.....your blog is gorgeous (good job Anna :) )
love that layout so much!!!!