Saturday, June 20, 2009

Picture heavy post!!

Yesterday evening I and a few other mum's stayed to watch Holly's Brownie pack make rafts down at the lakes.And honestly,it was so good! There is no way I would have done what they did at their age!It took them a while to get kitted out as they all had to put on wet suits,waterproofs and life jackets :)Then they were split into groups to make their rafts as well as donning their helmets.The rafts were made from big blue barrels and then they carried all the poles over and were then shown how to tie them all on.Lastly they had to carry their raft into the water...and all try and climb on at once! I'm a bit gutted that it didn't occur to me to take the video camera as well as my normal camera.They were supposed to paddle out to some buoys further out in the lake but lets just say they need to practice their steering skills a bit! Once they'd been guided/dragged back to 'shore' they had to dismantle the rafts before their final treat...jumping off the jetty into the lake!How Holly managed to swim back to shore I will never know as she was probably knackered by that point ,the water was freezing and they still had the helmets on! We finally arrived home over an hour later than expected,even manging to cycle home too :)

Anyway, some photos ....

As well as that ,she also had a great day at the Roald Dahl museum too :) Hopefully we'll try and go there during the holidays as Em has never been and it sounds great.

Operation Bike Ride is going well far! I'd actually forgotten how much I enjoyed riding a bike.I rode down to the lakes yesterday with Holly and this evening we went round the block a few times...I'm building up slowly to going any distance!


Sara said...

Wow, that looks like such great fun and from the smile on her face - she loved every minute!

domestic goddess said...

i see a multi photo layout on the horizon!!
I cannot believe how young she looks