Wednesday, July 01, 2009


It's been a bit hot hasn't it?! I know ,I know, can't please anyone .It's either too hot or too cold! Though to be honest I haven't found it that bad til the last few days when it's been so stuffy too.And the main problem is having to do stuff...if I had nothing to do and no where to go it would be great!

Poor Em had to spend yesterday at the local sports centre as part of National Sports week.To say she came home hot and thirsty would be an understatement!

Haven't much else to share other than this photo of the butterfly bush in the back garden which has just started flowering.This one is a real triffid having sprung up from no where a couple of years back.We also have another ,which is my fave as it is a deep purple colour but that hasn't flowered yet.

I'm still going out on the bike every evening :) It struck me last night was gorgeous out there at about 8pm,warm but not too hot, a cool breeze...and I saw hardly anyone else the whole time I was out .Bit sad really as we're lucky enough to live somewhere quite 'pretty' and green.

Oh well, better go and do some boring housework I guess!


domestic goddess said...

love that butterfly bush, beautiful.

Sara said...

Great photo and well done on the cycling.