Friday, June 12, 2009

So maybe

I should change the bit on my blog header that says 'daily ramblings' to twice a week ramblings?!

So today didnt start well, we had a knock on the door at about 8.15am from one of our neighbours telling us that one of our car windows was smashed .Great.Luckily Geoff was off today so he had time to clear up all the glass and sort out the people to fix it etc.The Autoglass guy said it looked like someone had tried to open the window with a screwdriver ,judging by the scratches around the frame.Nice.

In the sfternoon we went to Tescos fod shopping and also to do some recycling.Did you know that you can get Clubcard points for recycling aluminim cans? Now, I like the odd can of Diet Coke (under statement of the year?!) so I have been saving them up...and it was well worth it .No,I'm not going to tell you how many points I got because that will give away how much of an addict I am !

Holly was very excited to come home from school with her outfit for the Country Dancing display at the school fete tomorrow.I took some photos of her as I have a feeling we won't be allowed to tomorrow (boo hiss) She has a busy weekend ahead as tomorrow afternoon she is off on a Brownie sleepover for a night.They are all sleeping in one dorm together so I have a feeling she will be very tired and grumpy when we collect her on Sunday afternoon!

I was supposed to make muffins this evening for the cake stall tomorrow...but I discovered at 9.30pm that I have no chocolate chips...which is strange because I'm sure I bought a couple of bags a few weeks back.They must be with the three tubes tomato puree that have disappeared too...strange!

I am off to dig out the video camera for tomorrow....just in case!


domestic goddess said...

Holly looks so so cute! Sorry we cant make it tomorrow, wish Holly a fab sleepover
huge hugs

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

i wonder if the window smasher came in and took the choc chips and tomato paste (things like that happen to me all the time :) )