Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer fun

Yesterday was the Holly's school summer fete (feels a bit strange that it's not both girls fete now!).Following in Em's footsteps from several years back,Holly took part in the Maypole dance display.As the school has a 'no photo' policy (boo hiss),nobody was really sure if we would be allowed to video it or take photos.Apparently though, because a PTA run event,they don't enforce the no photo rule.I can't really see how they'd enforce it anyway,there were loads of people there!As per usual I was armed with both video & normal camera ,so I also ended up being phototgrapher for a couple of other mums who'd not brought their cameras :) Anyway, their dancing was so so good and I was a very proud mum!Once the dancing was over we came home to pack Holly's bags in the car and whisk her off to her Brownie sleepover.Talk about a different experience from last time,no tears ,no sad farewells -phew! Her leader phoned me once at about 9.45pm to let me know all was well :)From what's she told us so far, she had a fab time,including a campfire & sing song with the guides last night :) (Now that takes me back!)I don't think much sleep was had though and she was snoring her head off very early this evening!
I've got loads done today :) Having been woken up by Geoff snoring at about 3.30am, I gave up trying to get back to sleep at about 5.30am and got up! By 7.30 ,I'd done 2hrs of ironing whilst watching a DVD! I've also mowed the back lawn,cleared numerous piles of (other peoples cats) cat poo from the front garden and planted some sweet peas.We also went out and bought a new saddle as I am finally the happy owner of a bike :) One of my very nice neighbours came round yesterday and offered it to me as her husband had just bought her a new one.I might go for a ride round the lakes tomorrow afternoon :)
And finally as this seems like a massive post,this is my Pencil Lines layout this week :)
I used
October Afternoon Cherry Hill papers & stickers
butterflies from John Lewis
Fancy Pants die cut sun
MM journal page
Jenni Bowlin letter stickers
Doodlebug letter stickers
Creative cafe felt trim

Make sure you check out the blog, as we have a new look :)


domestic goddess said...

olly look so lovely, glad the dance went well and sorry we missed it :( i wish i could make a suggestion for the snoring, but alas i cant!I am sure Lyzzy will come up with a great solution, hehehe
hugs xx

Sara said...

Very pretty lo. The may pole dancing sounds lovely, I'm looking foward to seeing it on a lo! Enjoy the bike, I got one for my birthday, it's great to get out and about with it x