Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday wonderings

Hmmm, very imaginative title ...not!
All is well here,and the kids are busy :) Today Holly got to go to Em's school for an afternoon PE class with the sixth formers.It seemed a bit pointless her walking there,then walking back to her school and then having to walk back here ,as we are only round the corner from Em's school so I picked her up from there when she finished.Tomorrow she has a swimming test and then on Friday she is off to the Roald Dahl museum on a school trip.Followed by making a raft at the lakes at Brownies in the evening! And then a swimming party on Saturday...oh to be 8 again!
On Tuesday I got some lovely post from Florida,a lovely box of stash,including Martha Stweart punches! Sadly the box had been opened and someone had taken the Prima Rebellious stickers (errr....why??!)Thank you Jenny :)

Holly's runner beans are still growing well and they're starting to get a few blossoms:) And my lillies that my mum gave me are starting to flower.Shame they got blown over in the wind this afternoon and a load of petals fell off!


Sara said...

My Henry would be very jealous of a visit to the Roald Dahl museum, he is so into those books at the moment! And I am very jealous of your parcel from Florida!

domestic goddess said...

it wouldnt let me post last night, so i will try again, i want i want i want, LOL
We are definitley off to the Roald Dahl Museuem in the hols

TheCĂ©linette en mode Geekette said...

Very nice blog !
Hello from France :)