Thursday, April 09, 2009

Early Easter :)

Yesterday we had a early visit from the Easter Bunny aka Anna who came with bulging carriers of Easter cakes,crackers and gifts for the kids :) I'd completely forgotten about my Easter decs until I saw Kerry H mention her tree,so I hastily asked my Mum for a branch from her garden yesterday morning! So it was done in time for our guests ,and just as well as we are away at Easter anyway!

As per usual Holly and Izzy were happy enough to play around in front of the camera :) The fab thing about them though is that they really don't take much prompting and even grabbed their own props like the hula hoop! We thought we'd put the old armchair to good use too before it goes to the tip,can't beat a piece of council house garden chic eh?!

It's that time of year when we are gearing up for the retreat in a couple of weeks (yikes!),so there are lots of 'must do's ' whizzing round in my head at the moment! The classes are looking fab this year aand I'm really looking forward to catching up with Kerry and Louise (and the infamous pudding counter !!) I need to hunt out my faithful Scrapping Angels apron which is never to be found when I need it!


domestic goddess said...

so good to see you all,and thank you so much for my vanity case and necklace, its waiting to be filled for my hols :):)

lyzzydee said...

Phew, thank god the wall is back in vogue, not sure how we would have managed without it !!!!

Hope you had fun with your 'speshal' friend ;0)