Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nearly the weekend :)

And I am really looking forward to having a lie-in! That said, I have been going to bed early (well,for me anyway!!) so far this week and I'm nearly caught up on all my missed sleep.It's also a bit scary that tomorrow it'll be a week since I went over to Anna's to set up the retreat...who keeps making time go faster?!
The rain forcast the last two days hasn't materialised thankfully and I'm hoping it stays that way over the weekend :)

Yesterday afternoon Holly and I went out into the garden with the camera.I hardly seem to use it these days for some reason!Anyway,I managed to get some photos that I'm really pleased with (and not a wall in sight Lyzzy,you'll be glad to hear!)
This weekend is my dad's birthday and I've been put in charge of icing the cake...hmm,not sure how that one will work out! We are having a small family get-together on Sunday,hence the need for sunshine :)Other than that,we don't have much planned other than sorting stuff out in the garden a bit more and food shopping.
And if you're on Facebook,have you tried changing your language to English Pirate?! Well worth it just for the fact that I now have a 'bottle of messages' instead of an inbox!!


Sara said...

I love english pirate - me hearties!

Becky said...

Hope you had a great day today with your Dad and that the sun shined!

domestic goddess said...

awww great photo hun