Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Packing up..

lots of kits!
Last night I headed off to Anna's to spend today getting things ready for the retreat :) I was treated to a yummy Domino's pizza for tea (I'm easily pleased!) before watching Hell's Kitchen.We then left 'to do' notes with my instructions on for today on all the piles of boxes!
I was woken by Peter slamming the front door on his way to work at 6.15am,though I was half asleep and thought my watch said 8.15am at first and nearly got up! After winning the battle to turn off the shower (long story!) ,I was was ready to start packing.Izzy kindly left the tv on for me so I endured the 'delights' of Jeremy Kyle and This Morning, which I haven't watched in ages (and I obviously haven't been missing much either!)
Although I was sort of working, it was nice to have a night away, I feel like I've had a mid-week break :)
Tomorrow I need to catch up on the dreaded housework and make myself lots of lists of stuff I need to get out,tidy up and pack up before the weekend.

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