Friday, April 10, 2009

The Very Wet Egg Hunt!

Today we attempted the yearly egg hunt at my mum & dad's with my sister and her girls :) It nearly didn't happen as well as it throwing it down with rain,both Em and Holly were fsat asleep come 2pm! They are both full of cold ,so Em went back to bed ,whilst Holly fell asleep on Geoff in the recliner.I would have taken a photo,but she was doing that scary eyes-half-open type sleeping,and I didn't want to wake her!Anyway, we eventually made it round there in the rain.Mum & I ventured out and hid the eggs around the garden ,getting soaked in the process.Most of my photos are rubbish as the camera was covered in rain spots but here's one of Holly in her ears!

And here's a photo of our Easter tree.Which as you can see,really is just a branch in a vase!

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