Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring is springing!

Well, it has been for the last few days anyway!
Friday afternoon was really warm and the girls spent the afternoon playing with their cousins in my mum & dad's garden...lots of digging was done!
On Saturday Em and I went out in the hope of doing a bit of girly shopping, but we didn't really find much to be honest! I wasn't really in the mood either as I was still full of cold and feeling miserable!The only busy shop was surprise there! Walking round,I was so envious of all the girls wearing their trendy skinny jeans...I remember mine the first time round! I distinctly remember being dragged across the living room floor by my Mum whilst she tried to yank a pair of jeans off me that I'd asked her to take in ...they were too tight around my ankles! Sadly ,I am no longer young enough or skinny enough (not that I ever was,but it's amazing what a long black cardy covered!) to wear skinny jeans this time round,boo hoo :(
Yesterday we decided to be vultures and go and see if we could get Geoff a bargain chair in the Land of Leather sell off.His armchair was absolutley wrecked , he was practically sitting on the floor it was so low! Anyway, we found a bargain recliner which is what he has been after for ages.It worked out far cheaper to drive home with the chair and then Geoff drive back to pick us up than pay out for delivery so that's what we did :) So the girls and I had an unexpected lunch out and a wander round Lakeside too.We braved the huge Primark which makes the one in Stevenage look tiny! And Holly is now saving for a Hello Kitty toy from the Build a Bear Factory after spotting them and falling in love!

This is my Pencil Lines layout from last night.I used another old photo which I love as it shows how blonde Holly used to be!

I used
Little Yellow Bicycle paper
KI Lace cardstock
Scenic Route chipboard word
Prima crystal corner
Felt flowers from John Lewis

The girls have plenty to keep them amused this week :) Today Holly went to a friends and is off to another one tomorrow ,whilst Em has one of her friends here.Then on Wednesday we're expecting the Bowkis' ladies,which is fab as we weren't expecting to see them for ages yet :)

Right ,I am off to try catch up on the sleep that seems to be evading me at the moment! Three nights of still being awake at 2.30am is enough now...


~Sasha Farina~ said...

i love the layout Sue! so glad that the weather warms up a bit for you :)

Scrappermania said...

Beautiful Lo! Ame los colores!

lyzzydee said...

Happy Christmas to you as well

domestic goddess said...

that is such a cute layout hun!