Saturday, April 18, 2009

Making progress

After the rubbish weather of the last two days ,we have spent today getting on with stuff that had to wait for a dry day :) Geoff ,along with a little help from Holly,has painted the shed and also the fence panels.Whilst I have mowed the front grass and dug & weeded three of the four borders in the front garden.Tomorrow Geoff is heading off to the tip with a pile of stuff that we sorted out the other day.I will admit to taking a few things back off the dumping pile the castle shaped sand bucket that was mine was a kid...why do I find it sdo hard to let go of stuff like that? That said ,it was actually my mum & dad that kept it and gave it to the kids to use last year! So maybe that's where I get it from?!
Whilst in Asda today we spotted skateboards...and ended up coming home one each for the girls...what have we let ourselves in for?! Holly has already had her first accident falling off and scraping her elbow,no doubt it will get worse!Other bargains bought included funky Camp Rock raincoats for Holly,Izzy & Lilly at the bargain price of...£5 each!

The girls have spent the last couple of days seeing friends,though I can't believe the holidays are almost over and they'll be back to school next week :( Still , only five weeks and they're off again!
I am panicking slightly at the huge list (in my head!) of things that I need to do before next weekend! Eeek!

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lyzzydee said...

Bring on the WALLLLLL!!!!