Monday, April 27, 2009

Still tired...

but today it was back into the routine of school run and housework ...shame!
Anyway, I think the retreat went well and lots of people want to come back next year,which was really good to hear!Not surprisingly,I didn't do any scrapping other than a couple of quick stitching samples for a make & take.Hmm, I say quick,but they weren't really and I spent a long time sat on the floor,ending up with dead legs and pin & needles! I also took hardly any photos either.Oh well, I did drink lots of (free) diet coke,meets lots of lovely people and spend lots of money :) This year we had the 3 Jolly Scrappers shop,run by the very lovely Kim & Jo and I think lots of us returned home which gorgeous new goodies!A huge thank you to Kerry for the lift on Friday,to everybody who came and made it such fun and for letting me be first to the pudding counter each mealtime ;)Oh,and also to Anna for letting me help out!Roll on next year!
School clubs start up again tomorrow so Holly is back at Country Dancing,while Em is over the moon as she is going to a preview showing of Hannah Montana the movie with a freind.To say Holly is envious would be putting it mildy! Not doubt I'll end up taking her at some point too :)
Right, I am off for a glass of wine before I head off for an early night.


lyzzydee said...

You all look very happy, what was in your coke???
See you soon

Sandie said...

It was great to see you again Sue, what a brilliant weekend it was, roll on next year!

Becky said...

Thanks for all your help over the weekend Sue - can't wait for next year!