Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I don't know what is up with my sleep pattern at the moment..but it's not good!Having been way too hot the last two nights (I finally fell asleep on the sofa at about 4am Tuesday morning!) I thought being cooler this evening I'd be fine.But no,it's now 1am and I'm still awake.And it's not as if I haven't been busy today (now yesterday!) This morning we walked into town to stock up on paint brushes,clay etc from ELC .

Holly spent most of the afternoon in the pool (apart from a nasty fall during a mad dash for the toilet!),along with Em.So as I had to be in the garden I thought I'd cut the hedges in the back garden.My dad has just given me his old hedge trimmer (to save me borrowing his new one!) and it was so bloomin' heavy I was exhausted by the time I'd finished (bear in mind the hedges are about 7ft high and the garden is long,I wasn't being a wimp!)

I spent this evening sorting out some photos to order online as Holly is desperate to do some scrapping and my ink is running low!

These are a couple of things I made with the last Scrapping Angels kit.Anna seems to have lost her photo of the note book which I did at the crop back in June so I don't think it's in the gallery yet! I made the bookmark by Cropadile-ing an acrylic heart and threading the ribbon through.Em has her beady eye on it!

Right,it's now heading for 1.30am so I am off to attempt to sleep again!


Sara said...

Sue, I adore that notebook, I was too late to get this kit :( Looking foward to seeing you in august at the workshop x

domestic goddess said...

love all the projects you did, thanks hun xx

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

I hear you on th HOT.....and gosh, it's so sticky!!!!
call me next time you can't sleep...I will probably be up :)

jakey said...

Sue.... I feel your pain! I can't sleep either.. shall we start a midnight scrappin club? Lol!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

awww... that notebook is just darling!

Gigi said...

what an adorable notebook!
hope you are having a great summer sue!