Sunday, August 03, 2008

Where... the time going?!I realised that this morning that the girls still haven't really seen their friends yet this holiday...but they have something else on everyday this week,so I'd better make some phonecalls and arrange something for the next couple of weeks before they disappear!
On Friday morning we went down to the lakes so that the girls could go fishing and paddling in the river :) It's normally packed on a hot day,but as it was a bit cloudy & overcast and we got there early,we had the place to ourselves!Even the playground was deserted so they spent ages in there too.
The pool has been pretty much redundant the last few days with the disappearaance of the sunshine :(
Pencil Lines is live again ,here's mine :)

I used
Basic Grey Sugared and Sultry papers
MM tiny alpha stickers
AC felt thickers
Prima Crystals
I think it's probably obvious the photos weren't taken by me, but by Anna,last weekend! I used the Sunday Scraps prompt from Jen Hall's blog for the title ,as it suited the photos so well :)
Today the weather has been absolutely pants and I've had no fresh air at expect to see me roaming the net,still wide awake in a few hours time!I did do a quick layout while the girls were eating their lunch though,using a few bits that were easy to put my hand to ,as I couldn't be bothered drasgging all my stuff out from everywhere!Holly has has her toe and finger nails painted today.She was most put out that no-one wanted her to theirs,so I remembered that I had some nail forms upstairs so she had fun painting them instead!
This week we have Anna,Izzy and Lilly visiting on Tuesday :),my sister will be staying at my mum & dad's for a couple of days,so we will be seeing her and her two girls.And I should be going to see Mamma Mia on Thursday with my sis...I can't remember the last time I saw a 'grown up' film at the cinema!


domestic goddess said...

Ok i knwo I say it every week, but i absolutley adore this layout hun. Really looking forwrad to seeing you all on tuesday, fingers crossed we have dry weather!
hugs xxxx

lyzzydee said...

Beautiful layout!! You get back to that bush, I expect it was in need of a good trim!!!