Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Splish splash

Hmm, I'm sure at this time of year I should be buying light ,floaty summer clothes.....but no, today I went out and bought a waterproof jacket and new boots! The joys of the English summer....not!
Tomorrow is 'change over' day at school, Em is off to her new school for the day and Holly finds out who her teacher will be next year too.We have spent the evening filling out forms and watching the pennies disappearing before us! Em is excited and nervous,not to mention the fact that we had to do an emergency dash back to school at 5pm to pick up her trainers that she had forgotten to bring home as she has to wear them tomorrow.Luckily there wer still teachers there and she was able to collect them :)
The Wii has been getting a fair bashing the last few days ,I've been jogging with Holly the last htree days.Running really isn't my thing and I really need to get a sports bra before I do myself a mischief!
No photos to share as I've only taken a few due to the rubbish weather, and they are still on the camera!


domestic goddess said...

i hope Ems day went well, and thank the girls for me, for popping their money into the ms bucket at Tescos!

Sara said...

Just think of me, meant to be camping on the school field Friday night and off to see Katherine Jenkins - open air ! on Saturday night !