Sunday, July 13, 2008

At last....

For what seems like the first day in hasn't rained!
So, what's been happening....on Thursday Em was at her new school for the day.She headed off to call for her friend,taking a back door key with her for the first time :) Mind you, she'd managed to break the keyring by the time she came home!In the evening we went back for a headteachers talk and to order PE kit etc.I was fine,until later in the evening when I went in to kiss Em goodnight before I went to bed.She was fast asleep with her head on her Big Monkey cuddly she has had since she was 1...she looked so young that I burst into tears at the thought of her being old enough to leave junior school :( This next week and a half are going to turn me into an emotional wreck!
On Friday I went as a helper with Holly's Brownie pack on a nature walk through the local woods.It did look as though it would be rained off at one point but the skies cleared about half an hour before the walk started so it went ahead.And the heavens opened again once we set off !Such a shame as the woods are gorgeous.The girls had fun jumping in all the mudy puddles though and catching tadpoles with their hands from the pond :) Don't worry, we were with the Wood Wardens who said they could!
Yesterday we were supposed to go over to the fete in Anna's village but with the weather looking decidedly dodgy and the fete apparently being very small,plans were cancelled :( I'm sure Anna will get her Margo hat on and whip something spectacular for next year ;)
This afternoon the girls and I went for a rather stinky walk round the lakes...there was a seriously nasty whiff down there,I think some serious dredging of the water is needed!We made our way home after encountering the nasty smell and the girls went in the pool for a quick dip.
On Pencil Lines this week, we have the wonderful Morag Cutts as our guest :)
For my layout I used
Scenic Route Laurel & Loveland papers
Prima Crystal swirls
Doodlebug letter stickers & button
Maya Road sheer

The photos are of a very dinky & cute Holly from 2002!
Lots of school/kid stuff going on this week so we will be busy bees!

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domestic goddess said...

how cute does Holly look!!
i am here for you this week hun, OK. Sending my love to you all xoxoxo