Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hot hot hot

Sorry, I couldn't think of a more original title!

Yesterday afternoon we went over to Anna & Peter's for the Bowkis family bash (yeah, I know...we're not family so I felt very lucky to be invited :) ) We had a lovely time despite Holly getting stung (a rub from a 2p coin and a bit of bubble blowing and she calmed down!) ,we soaked up the atmosphere of a wonderful family occasion.Good food,a bouncy castle,a pinata,LOTS of face painting and skipping competition all made for a great time! Thank you so much for inviting us!

In the morning I decided to head into town to try and find something new to wear for the do.Now WGC isn't exactly the best place to go 'urgent' clothes shopping !For a change I went for a look in Monsoon and came home with the most gorgeous piece of clothing I have bought in a long time!No way would I have paid full price for it, but half price was too good to miss!And if I ever go off it, I think Anna has her eye on it!

After the late night last night I was lucky enough to have a lie in this morning which meant that we fianlly got home from food shopping after lunch time! This has to be the best bargain of the day, £2 garden sprinkler from Tescos! We tried it out this evening before the girls bathtime and it went down a storm :) We also came home with other bits, flip flops,bargain swim gear for me,cute bags for the girls and the all important sand for the sandpit!

Pencil Lines will be going live tomorrow night (for a change!) so I'll back with my layout tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed that the sunshine lasts!

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izzy said...

thank you so much for being with us on saturday, it was wonderful having you. Love teh garden spinkler! and yes i do ahve my eye on your gorgeous pink top!!
hugs xxxx