Friday, July 25, 2008


There is definately something about the first day of the school hols...the realisation that we don't have to be toing and froing all day,I don't have to make packed lunches every morning and we get to have some lie-ins!Mind you,five hours in once the arguments have started I wasn't feeling quite so happy and carefree!Maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration..the girls don't argue that much..they do however have whiney ways of saying each others names ie Em -maaaah and Holl-eeeeee which do get really grating after a while!
So, two days in and the weather has been fab so I've been making sure I spend as much time as possible outside,let's face it,it won't last forever:)Even the boring jobs like pairing up all the odd socks is a bit more bearable in the sunshine!
My scrapping head seems to have gone for a long lie down in the shade though,absolutely nothing going on here!!

Tomorrow will be spent food shopping first thing,then cleaning the pool and then we are off to the Bowkis bash in the afternoon:) Looking forward to having our faces painted by Izzy and enjoying the barbecue!And I'm looking forward to seeing Anna too,it seems like ages since I last did.

And...ahem..where did my little girl go?!

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domestic goddess said...

so so good to see you all yesterday, thank you so much for making the journey :)
love you xxxx