Wednesday, August 01, 2007


...the last two days have finally felt like the summer holidays...lazy days spent out in the garden with the kids playing in the paddling pool :)

Em has discovered that having a tidy room pays as she finally got her mitts on the last Harry Potter...and promptly decamped into the now tidy area under her desk to read it!

Yesterday my sister and nieces came round, trying to get a photo of three children in a small castle shaped pool is not easy...actually it was impossible, without getting somebody's arm or hat in the way of every shot! Holly obligeds though when she popped back into the water on her own after tea!

Today I worked in the morning and we spent the afternoon back out in the garden.I strimmed the front lawn and cut one of the hedges in the back garden as well as painting Em's nails and making gift boxes with Holly.In between that I tried studying the photography books I got from the library last week.What with questions like 'Have you learnt much yet Mum?' and being chief sun cream applier, drink maker and towel finder....I didn't take much in!! I'll persevere....:)

Tomorrow we have to wait in for NTL yet again in the morning (third time lucky maybe?) and then Em has a friend round for the afternoon and teatime.Em's already asked if they play on the Wii and Holly's hoping to get a look in too! Which reminds me, I haven't had a game of cow racing in ages.....!


Caz said...

tagged ya!

domestic goddess said...

love those photos hun

ania said...

Aw Em looks so cute reading her book :) And you sure sounds very busy!! :D Like any real mom hehe :)