Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I keep...

...losing days! Was just thinking I hadn't blogged for four days...but it's only Wednesday , not Thursday!
So what's been happening...
Monday Holly went cheerlading and had a great time! They did a routine to the music from High School Musical, Holly's current obsession, so she was very happy!
Yesterday the girls spent the morning at my mum & dad's making cakes and jam tarts.We iced them in the afternoon and they are now covered in lots of E numbers!
Yesterday evening I met Shirl for the first time and Lyzzy, along with Beth and Sam and we went for a very civilised (!!) drink at the local sports stadium.Photos were're not seeing mine! Another lesson learnt, 10 year olds are shorter than me...they will always take photos looking up at my double chin!It was lovely to finally meet Shirl having 'known' her for nearly three years (that long!) through different forums.Just so she didn't feel left out, I rang Anna and she had a chat with Shirl & Lyzzy too!
Today's planned visit to the zoo was cancelled due to the rubbish weather report...needless to say it didn't rain after 8.30am until 5.30pm.....not impressed!
Tomorrow we are going over to see Anna , this time with Lyzzy and Beth in hope of decent weather for a photo shoot - fingers crossed! So glad to be part of Lyzzy's 'meet a scrapper' week !!:)


domestic goddess said...

LOL hun at 10 yearold and photos!!!
cannot wait to see you all tomorrow

lyzzydee said...

I had a great day today and Sue youhav taken some very nice photos of me an beth on the back door step!!!

ania said...

Hehehe....thanks for the advice :D