Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thankful for the Wii...

So the sun has disappeared again as you can guess by the title! Holly and I had a few games of cow racing this morning and then Em and her friend, boxed, raced and bowled this afternoon.
We waited in all morning for the NTL/Virgin engineer who didn't appear.When I rang to complain I was told the appointment was booked as a pm call not am.I don't think so.....So when engineer does finally arrive he has been given completely the wrong information yet again and the cable still doesn't get fixed.So I have now wasted three afternoons/ mornings waiting in for them and I now have to do it again next Wednesday......
Lots of fab stuff going on at the moment (well not for me personally, I am just basking in other peoples glory!!) Anna has secured the fabulous Lucy to teach at the Scrapping Angels retreat.This girls work is truly amazing, I've seen some of it for real!We also have some fab sponsorship coming up Pencil Lines..I am expecting some happy post very soon!:)
Tomorrow the girls are off out to a friends for the afternoon so we are off to hunt out new school uniform supplies .
I leave you with a photo of Holly in her new cheerleaders dress up outfit!
Right, it's late and I am outta here!
Caz, I will do my tag tomorrow!


domestic goddess said...

hehehe, a real cheerleader there!!!
the sun is shining now, so enjoy your afternoon
hugs xxoxoxox

ania said...

Aww she looks so sweet! :D
These missed appointments sucks, esp when it's nothing to do but to suck it up and wait once again :( I'm also pretty pumped up about the PLsponsorship..such a fab work from everybody involved....sooo looking forward to it!! :)