Monday, August 06, 2007

She's got wheels....

Today we finally got Holly the new bike she should have had for her birthday last November! We did go looking for one then but she was a bit too small for the size they recommended for her . However, now she has grown fair bit , we found the perfect bike for her (apart from the fact that it wasn't pink!).She has done amazingly well on it so far :) I took her down to the lakes and she did so well, didn't fall off once! To make up for it not being pink, it's been accessorised with a pink Barbie hooter!

This afternoon was spent buying and building said bike plus a trip to Asda for more school uniform.Also stocked up with the essentials for our visitors tomorrow....the lovely Bowkis ladies!! As is the norm for when they visit, rain is forecast! Not to worry, we have mini choc chip muffins for the littlies and Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream for the grown ups!


Ann(i)e said...

check her out!!!!
love it!!!
have fun with Anna today!

Tracie H said...

Wow! What a fab bike.....have a great day with anna.
Loved your LO for Pencil Lines this week....all those blooms...yum!
Must head off to Primark and grab me some of those "buttons".

ania said...

Oh she looks SO proud! :) :) HOpe you girls are having lots of fun today :)

domestic goddess said...

wohoo Holly, you go girl!!!