Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cameras and cupcakes!

We have had a fab day today! Lyzzy and Beth took us all over to spend the day at Anna's:) All five girls got on so well together...yes, I know I say that every time, but it's true!

We went for a walk to a park where Anna gave Lyzzy lessons on how to use her camera (auto is my best friend so I didn't take any of it in!!),the girls played and posed....and then we were asked to move along by a miserable old sod!! So we obligingly moved on to the path up the field and took a few more pics.I think Beth was probably the most co-operative,Holly is fairly anti - photos at the moment and Em is more into daft poses!

Lyzzy supplied the cupcakes (of which she took the best photo too!) which were yum! Though the girls were made to wait for them until we'd finished taking photos...yes, I know...we're SAD!! Sadly the rain put paid to another photo shoot but we got some good ones on Anna's step (just to make a change from a wall;) ) I think the best photos are all on either Anna or Lyzzy's cameras though .I'll still share my attempts though!

This evening Em has gone for a sleepover at my mum & dad's and then hopefully they will all be going to the zoo tomorrow (minus me....:( )

So huge thanks to Lyzzy for driving us and the Bowkis's for having us...see you again soon hopefully!


domestic goddess said...

i had a ball hun, thank you so much, and i adore that photo of Miss Em looking all sophistacted with my BIG specs on!!!

louise said...

Gorgeous photos Sue!

Sandie said...

More great photos, what a great day you all had!

Caz said...

looks like you had a great day!

ania said...

Ooh fab photos! Indeed looked like lots of fun :)

lyzzydee said...

Sue we had a great time as well and I am eve so grateful for your complete understanding of auto on my camera, you got some good shots starring me which is very unusual!! Can't wait to see what Anna comes up with!!