Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hot hot hot....

..but I'm not complaining :) Didn't get chance to enjoy the sunshine yesterday as I was working and then we went shopping for school uniform and other bits. The girls had a fab afternoon at their/my friends, spending most of their time in the pool.So thankful that I have such a good friend just around the corner from me!
Today we have been very lazy, just hanging out in the garden! Our faithful Princess castle pool decided to get a split today so I'm just hoping I can mend it! It's not really big enough for both girls but still handy to have.
Picked up these fab hair bobbles in Primark yesterday for a huge £1....yes, you guessed it !The elastic is going to be chopped off and I'll just keep the buttons!
I can share a sneaky of my Pencil Lines sketch too....:)

Big thank you to Annie for sending me some more Reese's Pieces today - mwah!

Holly is having a 'sleepover' in Em's room tonight! I have instructions to supply a midnight feast! I dread to think what time Holly will be waking poor Em up in the morning...


ania said...

Lol..good luck with the girls! Can't wait to see what's in store from all of you tomorrow! :)

domestic goddess said...

love the sneak peek!!
and i ahve to have some hair bobbles!!! very HS!!!!

Kathy said...

Sounds like a "LONG" night for you! LOL Your sneak peak looks AWESOME! Too funny that you blogged about your Wii. I blogged about ours the other day too. I actually put a picture of my "animated" self up as we bowled. LOL LOVE the bowling!
Thanks for stopping by.

Nat said...

the sneak peek looks amazing- can't wait to see the whole layout tonight!