Tuesday, August 28, 2007

BBQ's, Bowkis's and badminton!

We got up early this morning (well early for the holidays!) as we needed to take Em to the Dr's about her ears, where they have been pierced.One has gone very swollen and was very gungey this morning :( Managed to get an appointment at 10am and she's been told just to keep using surgical spirit to clean them, and they should heal up properly soon.She is so disappointed...it's been nearly 9 weeks since she had them pierced and she is longing to change her earrings!

So this afternoon we had guests!Anna,Peter,Lilly and Izzy to be precise! Izzy was in the pool with Holly within about 5 miunutes of arriving!The weather looked decidedly dodgy when they arrived but luckily the sun came out again and we stayed warm! The girls played happily in the pool while the grown ups chatted and drank beer (well, the men did!)Geoff was in charge of the barbie and we ended the day with a game of badminton!We discovered that Geoff and Peter both love Dirty Sanchez...whilst both Anna and I just don't 'get' it! I mean, why skid on ice with a bare bum (and much worse!) ?! All four girls got on brilliantly as usual :) And whilst she didn't go in the pool Anna did have a quick bounce on the trampoline!

We had a fab afternoon...thank you for coming to see us! Slightly blurry photo of us is courtesy of Em.bless!


domestic goddess said...

hehehhe, i so love that photo em took of us!!!
i had such a great day we must do it again!!!
i havnt even downloaded my pics yet, it will be done tomorrow with a HUGE update!!!!
hugs xxxx

Sandie said...

You obviously had a great day, I love the photo of you all.

ania said...

Lol such a funny photo below :D Looks like a nice day :)