Friday, July 27, 2007

Still here!!

Just haven't had much to blog about!!

We have spent this week ploughing through all the junk in the girls bedrooms....and it's been painful!How much junk can a 10 year old hoard?? I guess what scares me is that she is so like me at that age....spends hours supposedly tidying but in reality gets nothing done! Anyway, several bin bags later and it's looking better.I just have to persuade her that it's so much easier to put stuff away as she goes along in future.Hmm...I'm not really the best teacher for this tidying lark !

Yesterday I worked on my Pencil Lines sketch for this week...took me an age to find the photos I wanted to use but I got there eventually :)I am off to Anna's crop on Sunday.I cannot wait,I missed last months and seems like an absolute age since I last saw everyone *waves to Ali, Louise and Kerry!* I have a huge list of stuff I need to take for Anna (including Hazelnut Galaxy ;) )

Tomorrow Geoff is taking Holly out in the afternoon for a treat and Em wants to spend the afternoon scrapping with me, I'd better go clear the kitchen table!

I'll leave you with a sneak of my layout for this week.


domestic goddess said...

see you tomorrow!!!!

Sandie said...

Sneak peek looks gorgeous, can't wait to see it! Have fun at the crop, wish I lived nearer.

Maria said...

Sue that lo is gorgeous! Loving those colours....might give this weeks sketch a go! Am sooo jealous that I live too far away to crop with you guys :( x