Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Potato salad anyone?!

Yesterday I thought I'd dig up some of our potaioes as we have no idea when we are supposed to and were curious to see if they'd actually grown! So here is our first little crop! Not sure if they're supposed to grow any bigger than that so I think we'll leave the rest for a while longer!Geoff's veggie patch seems to be doing better than the girls now as the potato plants have completely covered theirs, blocking the sun from everything else they planted.Oh well, lesson learnt for next year anyway!

And meet Ted, the little clay bear that Holly brought home from school ,made as part of their learning about toys subject:)
So far the last week of school has brought on a few tears for different reasons.Tiredness is the main one I think, but Holly also seems pretty unsettled at the moment.Hopefully we will have a few restful weeks over the holiday and she will be happier in September.Roll on Friday......:)


lyzzydee said...

Its the time of year!! Your bear is lovely you have a tallented toy maker in the making there

domestic goddess said...

miss green fingers there, looking mighty yummy!!!!