Friday, July 13, 2007

Sports day

Yes, it is that time of year again...I spent all day running between school and work to catch both girls in action:)
Holly's took place in the morning.She did so well considering she was the only one in her group representing her 'house' and won at least five of her activies.All that throwing & catching in the garden has paid off!
Em was really excited to be helping run the events in the morning, see photo of her proudly holding up her number!
Em's turn came in the afternoon.I'm so proud of her as she really doesn't enjoy running, but she took part in the relay and gave it her all.
Still no sign of their school reports but they did find out who their new teachers will be yesterday.They both seem happy.
No sign of any scrapping going on here sadly....yikes, what'll I be like during the summer hols?!


lyzzydee said...

We have ours at school on Monday. They both look very happy. Bethy was at Sir Freds yesterday for a year 5 sports fest and they came 4th out of 8 so we were happy. Who knows perhaps next week we will get to go swimming, I will try!! did you go with the rainbows at the school pool??

domestic goddess said...

holly is a pro, look at that perfect balance!!!