Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Little Bit of Summer.......

...finally arrived in our garden today! This year our Budhlia tree has really taken off and today the butterflies finally appeared too :) We had two peacock butterflies fluttering about most of the afternoon.I love them, they remind me of being little and of my Nan's garden.
I am so thankful that we had such hot weather over Easter (bear with me!) Because it was dry we took the oppurtunity then to empty the shed out.I had been searching for a box of photo albums that I hadn't seen since we moved here three years ago.Although I was convinced they were in the loft, I actually found them at the bottom of a pile of boxes in the shed. I took them indoors and they are now safely in my wardrobe.These albums contain all the photos of Em from when she was born til she was 2 1/2.So , following the heavy rainfall over the past week, I noticed we had a bit of a leak at the front of the shed by the door.This afternoon I decided to empty it out again to see how bad it was...let's just say, the box sitting where the box of photos originally was, was an inch deep in water!!Looks like it is seeping through from next doors side (we have a divided shed beteween us...) where their roof is leaking. So I am just so thankful for the hot weather earlier in the year , I would have been heartbroken to have lost all those photos.
Today has been spent tidying the girls rooms (zzzzz.....), a walk down to the lakes and mopping out the shed!I'm trying to make sure that I get up at 'normal' time so that we don't spend all morning getting ready !
I am off to bed as I don't seem to be able to fall asleep til about 1am at the moment and it's starting to catch up with me!


domestic goddess said...

that is a stunning photo hun!
So glad that Em's photos are safe, i too would have been distraught if i had lost Izzys baby photos.
Will ring you later

Tracie H said...

The butterfly photograph is amazing...so delicate and pretty.
Phew! How lucky you were to move those precious photographs.....it would have been devastating if they had been lost to the rain.