Thursday, July 05, 2007

End of term-itis

This is what Em always used to get at the end of term...tired ,no energy,totally run down.End of term seems to be affecting Holly slightly differently...she broke down in tears and sobbed this morning because she 'only has 10 days left with Miss Picton' She absolutely adores her Yr 1 teacher, bless her! It also reminded me that I need to get my skates on sorting out end of term pressies too!
This evening we went to the open evening at school.Managed to get photos of both girls with their teachers :) Listened to Em's year group singing, no point in videoing it as they weren't up on the stage and we could hardly see anybody! I love it when they have the photos from during the year up on the big Smart board screens in the classromms too !Photo for today is of Holly in the ICT suite this evening.
There is no let up in the miserable weather here...are we really going to have this all summer?!
Finished a layout today (when I should really have been doing lots of other stuff!) Just waiting for Anna to 'pop' it a bit for me (my photos were rubbish!) then I will share :) I got a bit carried away with paint which is a bit unusual for me! It doesn't look anything like how I planned it in my head, but there you go!


domestic goddess said...

gonna pop your lo tonight hun, honest!!
poor Holly, big hugs to you all

lyzzydee said...

I can't beleive we are that close to the end of term !!!