Saturday, July 21, 2007

Six weeks....

...of no school !!! Just a shame it was such a rotten end to the year weather wise - the playground was flooded at pick up time! The teachers liked their presents and both girls shed a couple of tears at the Leavers assembly - am dreading being there next year !

This afternoon we went with friends to an open afternoon at the local fire station.I was hoping for photos of the girls dressed up in all the gear but it wasn't to be :( They did have a go at the hose practice though!It never fails to amaze me though the amount of kids that don't understand the concept of getting a queue and waiting their turn.....
Whilst there, the heavens opened and continued to do so for most of the afternoon!
I sat up til about 1am this morning doing my PL layout for tomorrow, planning on a lie-in this morning.I was woken by the thud of Holly falling over downstairs!! Thank you for the well wishes for Em, apart from slipping on the stairs (honestly, my house is safe really!)and landing on it again yesterday she has been fine.
I leave you with a sneak of my PencilLines layout, made with what has to be my most fave sheet of paper in a long while :)

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domestic goddess said...

hugs to the girls hun, and i am so loving the little sneak!!!cannot wait to see the uploads tonight!!!