Monday, July 09, 2007

Ahoy there me hearties....

...don't you just love it when the kids dress up?! This evening Holly's Rainbow group had a fancy dress farewell party for the Rainbows moving up to Brownies next term .Holly recently declared that the next fancy dress party she got invited to, she wanted to go as a a perfect oppurtunity! I added some tattoos to her arms using an eye liner pencil and she wore the necklace to show she was a 'girl pirate' - sweetie!

Today I got some passport photos done....err....they are are awful!! My hair is the longest I've had it an ages, but being so fine and standing against a white background , it knocks about 4 inches off the length as my hair just goes see through.Yuck, I will NOT be sharing them !

Here's the layout I did last week.Anna's popped it a bit for me as I just couldn't get the colours right.I went a bit mad with the paint as you can see!


michelle said...

love the "tat" and your layout is very cool.. makes me want to run outside and play!

domestic goddess said...

holly looks brilliant, cannot wait to see the LO, and you knwo how much i love the crocs LO
hugs xxoxoxo