Saturday, July 07, 2012

Stop the clock....

...time is whizzing by too fast! In my head it's not long since I last blogged but in reality it's a month - oops!
Summer seems to be giving us a wide berth this year so far,I'm glad I haven't gone mad investing in anew summer wardrobe as most days I'm in jeans and boots still!For each rare day of sun we seem to get a week of rain in return,the slugs and snails have eaten my bean plants and the garden is full of weeds and over grown hedges...oh hang on ,no change there!
So now I need to try and remember what we've been up to...
Two weekends ago I had the best weekend in ages and apart from the train fare it was free :) There is a huge event run in Trafalgar Square called West End Live,run over two days,and this year every musical currently showing in West End performed live :) It was the first time we have been but I am definitely going again! As Em had stage school on the Saturday morning she decided against going that day as she also had a final exam on the Monday too.But as Wicked were on on Saturday I went and took Holly with me :) We managed to get fairly near the front after a very early start and long time queuing, where we stayed for about an hour.We then moved as Holly couldn't really see much . The whole day was so good ,highlights being Wicked,Rock Of Ages and seeing one of the War horse puppets :) Plus the weather was lovely all day:)

I could go on about it so much,but I still have Sunday to cover too! On Sunday I took Em and her friend :) This was an even earlier start and even longer queue as they wanted to get a near to the front as possible...our early rise and the lessons I learned from the previous day meant that they were right up by the barriers! I took the more sedate option and sat at the top of the steps where I had a perfect view of the stage and a more importantly a seat for the day :)
Some more photos :)

The weather wasn't quite so good this day and I ended up with a both soaked bum and...sunburn!!
I think the highlight of Em's day though was meeting her theatre idol Louise Dearman who we saw at the Olivier awards and Wicked at a meet and greet session :)
Ok so this post looks huge already so I will finish it now and be back soon!

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