Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's becoming real...

Tomorrow Holly has her induction day at her new senior school where she starts in September.I'm feeling a little cheated this time round to be honest...! When Em left junior school I felt really emotional.With Holly though I will feel a huge sense of relief to a certain extent and that makes me feel a bit sad :( Year 6 girls can be a strange breed and Holly has learnt the hard way how to tell who your true friends are.However,she can leave with her head held high knowing she was never involved in the bitchiness and trouble making ,which makes me feel very proud :)

I'm sure she will be fine tomorrow,she has packed her bag (her school map,tissues and a pencil case!)and will be going in with two friends.We then go back in the evening to buy uniform,meet the teachers and listen to the headteachers talk.And no doubt after I have kissed Holly goodnight and watched her sleeping,I will have a good cry!

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Claire Crompton said...

I hope you are okay Sue? I hope Holly got on okay today, I love the way our kids embrace things and we are left feeling worried and sad at the fact that they are growing up. I have to say Sue she really is a beautiful girl.