Sunday, July 15, 2012

The final countdown....

The last week of term is finally upon us and I am still a bag of mixed emotions!Holly's induction day at her new school went really well and at the open evening I couldn't help but think how nice it would be not to have back to junior school again!
On Friday night she had her school leaving party.In Em's day this was a simple trip to the the local roller rink,with the teachers going along too.This year however it was a party at a local golf club complete with red carpet entrance,disco,buffet and as the letter quoted 'non-alcoholic' drinks....well they are only 11 and 10 years old so I wasn't expecting alcohol! I really did have my doubts about the whole thing being a little OTT for year 6 children but it wasn't as bad as I had imagined :) We found Holly a lovely dress a couple of weeks ago,and matched it up with a very cool pair of Primark trainers complete with some Vans laces that Holly bought a couple of years ago in Florida :) Em was in charge of hair styling and did a fab job :)Holly flatly refused to wear make up which is fine by me as she doesn't need it anyway :)Although we were forecast rain it stayed dry so we had a little photo session :)Photo overload ahead!

This weekend I have got lots of little jobs done around the house :) Yesterday Holly and I cleared off the bookshelves in the living room and packed away all her old faves to go up in the loft. My shelves are now empty of Charlie & Lola and Kipper (you can see how long we've been putting it off!)It does mean though that we have been able to put out my Grandpa's old Corona typewriter though which I've wanted to do for ages :)We also sorted out all the hair pony's and clips and have a huge bag to get rid of.I also went shopping and got myself a couple of nice tops in the sale :)Today as the weather has actually been fairly decent I have cut the hedges,mowed the back garden and strimmed the front garden.
I also ventured up into the loft,I place I hate going due to the huge cobwebs (and the fact that I think I may fall through the ceiling!)! I cleared a few bits out,re-discovered some old treasures (more on them soon!) and put a lot of the kids stuff away.
Well that was a bit of an essay! I am off to bed to prepare myself for what will probably be an emotional week!


domestic goddess said...

beautiful photos xx

Becky said...

Holly looks beautiful :-)