Saturday, July 21, 2012

End of an era!

I think there a few possible titles for this blog post ! Yesterday was Holly's final day at Junior school and as I now have no children there it really is the end of an era :( I have been going to the school since 2000 when Em started at nursery there so it will feel strange for a while not'needing' to go there! I won't get away completely though as it's only ten minutes walk away and mum and dad live almost opposite it!
Yesterday morning Geoff and I went to watch the year 6 leavers assembly.They had done a performance the night before which my mum,dad and Em went to see.I had so many lovely comments on what a beautiful singing voice Holly has ,before I got to see her I was a bit overwhelmed! She sang a solo at the beginning of a 'You've got a friend' and yes, I cried through the whole song!
It's tradition that the leavers get their shirts signed and Holly also took an autograph book with her :) The message from her teacher this year is so lovely and really special :) On the way to school we gave the lollipop man his present,a pair of Kermit socks ,as he wears jazzy socks and shows them off to the kids each day!Sadly it was raining first thing so I didn't really get any decent photos of Holly before we left home,but we did get some with her friends before school sorted,and a load more once they finished at 2pm.
She has gone from this

to this
We are so so proud of both her and Em :)

We celebrated the end of term with tea at McDonalds...and a trip to John Lewis to try on the bits of new school uniform that I still need to order! Well it was a lot quieter than it will be in a couple of weeks!

Em also came home from school with the news that she will be a leading Prefect from September,another proud mum & dad moment!

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Claire Crompton said...

Welldone to both Em and Holly it sounds like they are doing well. I always have a few tears at the end of term the years just seem to fly by. Gets me every year. Have a good break with the girls. C x