Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More holiday stuff :)

AS we had such good weather when we were away it seemed a bit daft to pile in the car and go out >Holly's main 'to do' was build sandcastles so on the Wednesday morning we went to the beach:) Needless to say the paddling also led to wet shorts so we did a quick walk back to the chalet for a shower and clothes change before going for lunch.

We went down to the beach each evening as the tide was low and waited for the sunset,It also went a lot colder on this evening so Holly and I were a bit shivery by the time we got home!

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Claire Crompton said...

At least Holly only had wet shorts rather than everything wet like my Mother and Daughter! Haha

Hope you are managing to get through the week back at work, soon be the weekend.

C x