Friday, June 08, 2012

Jubilee...what Jubilee?!

So the Jubilee pretty much passed us by! We drove up to Widnes to see Geoff's family on Sunday afternoon,and I have never seen the motorway so quiet! I think everyone else was at home watching the Floatilla on TV!As we were doing other things, the only thing I watched on TV was most of the concert on the Monday evening (I was very good and did a 3 mile walk on the treadmill whilst watching it!)I have everything recorded though (hopefully!) so we will get round to watching it at some point.I was also hoping to have a tea party for the girls but so far the weather is not playing along and we have heavy rain and howling winds.If all else fails over the weekend I'll put the flags up indoors instead! (My outdoor ones blew down while we were away and were rescued by a neighbour!)I did persuade the girls to go outside and smile in front of some flags on Saturday afternoon though just in case no other oppurtunities arose!
We were in Widnes for Geoff's dad's birthday so there were lots of photos taken :) I hadn't realised how colour co-ordinated the girls and Geoff were until I took this photo!

And I love this one of just the girls :)

And finally, one of the reasons the girls love going there - Nando :) (He has just been groomed in this photo and is really soft and fluffy!)
I am feeling the need to do some scrapping soon so maybe some of these photos will end up on a layout!
I am off to do some tidying, my house seems so much messier when its half term and every one is home!

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lyzzydee said...

we put bunting up in our cabin and had elephant tea in the restaurant wearing our crowns!!!