Friday, April 06, 2012

Mad four days.....

As I mentioned a few posts back,Em was booked on a four day work experience course this week with the Ambassador Theatre group.The course consisted of two days of talks and workshops ,one day was held at the Lyceum Theatre and the other day at the Trafalgar Studios,The other two days were spent working in a theatre,one day/evening front of house and the other backstage during the performance.Em got to go to The Playhouse Theatre where Dreamboats and Petticoats is performed :) Although the two girls that got to work at Wicked were the envy of everyone else, because it is a much bigger show from what Em said I don't think they got to see as much. Em got to meet and the cast and chat with them...though she didn't get photos with them or get her programme signed as she was too busy chatting to them!

Anyway, on the Monday we all went in London.Once Em had checked in I went and met Geoff and Holly in Covent Garden (they travelled after 9.30 - off peak!) While I was waiting for them I had a look round at the eggs that were on display as part of the Big Egg Hunt. When they arrived,we the spent a bit of time wandering round the markets and watching the street performers. We then went on to Selfridges as Holly wanted to go for a cupcake at Lola's :)

After a wander round Carnaby Street and a visit to Primark (at Geoff's request!) we has lunch sat outside near Marble Arch.The weather was gorgeous so we we sat in Hyde for a while resting our feet before meeting Em and going for tea in Pizza Hut :)
On Tuesday I took Em into London for her first day at the Playhouse.I then came home and went to work for a few hours before going back to see Dreamboats and Petticoats in the evening and collecting Em after the show.
It was quite funny waiting for her by the stage door as there was a group of very excited screamy girls waiting for one of the actors to come out who used to be in a boyband (but I have forgotten his name!)
By the time we got home Em was shattered! I will be back with part 2 tomorrow!

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