Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back to London....again!

This afternoon Em and I had an amazing afternoon, back in Covent Garden...yep,again! Thanks to the wonder of Facebook we knew that there was a pre-show to the Olivier Theatre Awards being held there before the awards ceremony. We got there just before 3.30 when the sound check rehearsals were taking place and to our excitement managed to get right near the front :) Em was so excited as it was being hosted by Louise Dearman,who played Glinda in Wicked when we went for her birthday last October ,along with Neil Fox. We saw performances from Les Miserables, Stomp ,Billy Elliott,Chicago ,Louise Dearman and our favourite Wicked :) We were so close it was brilliant,despite the rain,hail and freezing cold wind!And even better was that it was free, a real treat for the price of our train fare :)
Louise Dearman

Matt Willis and Rachel Tucker from Wicked

Rachel Tucker from Wicked

The award ceremony was being shown on two big screens but as there wasn't any sound we went for a wander to see the red carpet before coming home,happy but frozen :) I will share some more photos in another post soon :)

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Claire Crompton said...

That looked fun Sue you certainly have fun with your girls. I'm going to London with all members of staff at the school I work at to see Matilda in May, I'm just a little bit excited.

I would very much like you to show me around London (well some of it) as it's been a while since I've been there, but please don't lose me! Lol

Take care, have a good week.