Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

I think I have forgotten about Easter to a certain extent,as we haven't really done much about it the last couple of years.Last year the kitchen was being done and the house was in chaos and the year before that we were in Florida so we didn't do anything Easter-y . The weather here is miserable too which isn't helping! Yesterday we had our usual egg hunt at Mum & Dad's,it was freezing compared to last year when it was warm and sunny and we had a barbecue .Holly and I made some Easter nest cupcakes to take with us which were very nice :)

We decided earlier it would be nice to have a roast later,so I am very thankful for our local corner shop where I managed to bag the last chicken :)
We don't have much planned for this week after all the running around last week.The one thing I did have booked I had booked for last week by accident (luckily I realised in time and we still managed to go!).I will be back soon with the rest of our London exploits :)

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