Friday, April 13, 2012

London part 2...

Last week seems like an age ago already,so I need to write this somewhere before I forget everything!
Om Wednesday Em didn't have to be at the theatre til the afternoon,so I went to work in the normal and then went to London with Em.On this day she was working backstage so didn't finish til late again.I didn't really fancy travelling into London late to meet her,so by going up with her in the afternoon I had a lot of time to fill! I had managed to book to see Legally Blonde without it costing a fortune (it was it's final week in the west end)I'd wanted to see it for ages .I have to admit that it was a bit like watching a movie about Sharpay (if you have kids that loved High School Musical you'll know what I mean!)Although I enjoyed it, I didn't come out thinking 'I want to go again!' the way I do when I've seen Wicked.
I spent the afternoon generally wandering :) I spent lots of time taking photos of the eggs,went for a bit of retail therapy in Primark in Oxford Street,went to see Cleopatra's needle,treated myself to a McDonalds and walked miles!

One of my favourite eggs... Hanging eggs!
I was glad of the chance to sit and rest my feet for a couple of hours in the theatre :) The Savoy Theatre wasn't far from where Em was so I walked as quick as I could once Legally Blonde finished and got there just as she was coming out :) She had a great evening, though she didn't get any photos or her programme signed because she was too busy 'hanging out' with everyone ! I have obviously taught her nothing...!!

Thursday was another mad day! I had booked tickets to take Holly and Em to see The Muppets for what I thought was this Thursday,only to realise on the Tuesday that I'd booked them for last Thursday -doh! So Em went into London on her own as I had to work,I then finished and went straight to the cinema with Holly and her friend,passed them both on to Geoff after the film and got a train straight into London to meet Em .And then webt to work again for a couple of hours. To say I was bit tired Thursday night was an under statement...!

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Claire Crompton said...

Wow it sounds like you've had a really busy week. I love those eggs. You were brave walking around London on your own, I'm always worried that I'll get lost and won't be able to find my way back. Sad I know!.

C x