Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daffodils and blossom trees:)

So the gorgeous weather is still with us,yipee! I dragged the lawn mower out of the shed on Sunday and cut the grass - in March! It's slightly mad but we'll make the most of it! I'm hoping it lasts til the Easter holidays anyway!
On Saturday afternoon Holly and I went out with the camera :) To be honest, she was still pretty much full of cold,so as you can imagine a lot of her smiles were more like grimaces! And as expected I couldn't prise Em away from her homework!
I seem to be doing even more walking than normal at the moment and am admiring all the different types of blossom trees round here. This one is my favourite so far I think :)

Today I went to see Holly singing in a an Easter concert at one of the local churches,with some others from her school :) Not quite sure why they went to the church as it seemed to be just parents and not church goers watching them...!
Yesterday I bought us a new dinner service:) Now that may not sound very exciting but...the one we have now is the one we got as wedding presents nearly 19 (!!) years ago.To be honest there's not a lot wrong with it and in all that time we've only managed to break two dinner plates! But it was getting a bit boring! So we are now the proud owners of a lovely pink ,hand painted Sainsburys set which was on offer at half price - bargain! Actually I really need to stop going in Sainsburys as there are so many lovely things in their home section!Next on my wish list is the pink clothes airer which is currently on offer too....


Claire Crompton said...

Beautiful photos, I'm loving this Spring weather too. Oh a pink clothes airer sounds cool.


lyzzydee said...

I have just done the blossom trail!!!