Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sad day....

Oops, my blogging roll seems to have hit a quiet spot!
Last Sunday was a bit of a sad day :( After about 7 years and  three different premises  I finally held our last crop in Southoe. I have been running the crop since Anna has been concentrating on her photography business but sadly it's not really practical to run a crop 40 miles from where you live when you can't drive! This was proved on Sunday when my train journey took an hour compared to the normal half hour and my train home was cancelled completely! Huge thanks to Kerry who drove me to Stevenage where Geoff came to get me.
Anyway, we had a lovely day, scrapping and reminiscing about people who had come and gone over the years.It seems very weird that I will probably never see most of them again! And then there are the wonderful friends I have made along the way :) Boo hoo.....  Anyway,I did my 2012 pages for March (and no I haven't done February's yet....!) and that was pretty much it .I did an extra 6 x 12 insert this month though as I seemed to have lots that I wanted to remember.
All in all it's been pretty quiet recently.The weather has been hideous with rain every day for the last two weeks.I will be glad when it's May and there will be no more April showers (read down pours...) I think that Holly and I have probably missed the bluebells by now :(
This week Geoff has had his wedding ring cut off in preparation for his MRI scan in a couple of weeks,as there is no way he could take it off .Holly was a bit concerned and suggested that we write 'I am married' in the dent around the finger left by the ring in case people didn't realise...bless!
During the Easter holidays the girls and I went over to Anna's on the train for a quick visit. We had a very nice afternoon tea with cupcakes courtesy of Holly (Hummingbird black bottomed cupcakes - yum!) ,cucumber sandwiches and scones,jam and cream :)Slightly concerned at how grown up these two are starting to look though...!

I have no idea what is going on with my blog layout as it's looking all over the place when I preview it so apologies in advance if things are where they shouldn't be!

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Claire Crompton said...

Hi Sue, such a sweet thing for Holly to say, I hope all goes well for hubby with the MRI scan this week.

To answer your question about Photobox 5x5 photos. I had to upload my photos first and then when I was checking them at the end, you could then order different sizes. I really like the 5x5 and will definitely be ordering some more. You could order them with a white border too, which I did.

Take care.
C x