Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Red Carpet

Sorry, a few more photos from Sunday! We went for a walk round to the Royal Opera House to see the red carpet after the pre show had finished.As we got there they were starting to move back all the barriers and take down all the signage etc. They didn't waste much time!

Since then I have felt in 'musical' mode and really want to go back and see Wicked (yet) again !

Today both girls went back to school :( I don't feel like I saw that much of them during the holidays ,what with the 'mad week' and working :( How long til the next break?!

Late yesterday after I had finished work Holly and I went with my Dad to Money Hole, where all the bluebells were last year,as Holly wanted to go and climb the trees (!!) Sadly the bluebells are only just starting to come out so I was a bit disappointed,but she had a good time climbing!

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lyzzydee said...

We have been keeping an eye on Moneyhole and they are just starting, perhaps Easter was early or the Bluebells are late, who knows!!!
Hope you are all ok