Tuesday, December 02, 2008

And breathe..!!

Still here,still totally unorganised!
What with one thing and another (mainly Holly's birthday!) I didn't get time to do my Pencil Lines layout this week :( Am hoping to use the sketch at some point though as it's such a good one :)
Sunday's trip to Milton Keynes went well though it was absolutely heaving there by the time we left ,with huge queues for the car parks.This year there is a helter skelter as well as the carousel which Holly loved! We also went on the train ride after seeing Santa :) Most of my photos are pants,not helped by Holly also doing her looking sideways just as I press the shutter trick!She has pressies after lunch and then more presents from her Nan & Grandad a bit later.
I think I will be giving hand made cards a miss this year ,other than just a couple.I have ended up buying cards from both schools designed by the girls ,so I think I have enough to keep me going!

Geoff has been sent home from work sick,fingers crossed I don't come down with it...I've got no time to be ill!
I managed to get the girls advent trees finished in time for yesterday,after re-discovering my old MM Heidi rub-ons which included loads of 1's!
Before Geoff came home,I was busy sorting out the bags of old/too small kids clothes that seem to be multiplying at the end of the bed. I now have several smaller bags to be given away to various people..and a bit more space!


domestic goddess said...

send my love to Geoff, hope he doesnt get too sick :(
i cannot wiat to meet Santa!!!
hugs xxx

Sara said...

You busy girl! Keep away from that poorly hubby of yours!